I have had really high praise for Bud Davis on service, however a recent experience lowered that praise. I decided to let the dealer service the car, oil change, tire rotation, air filter change, cabin filter etc. So I called beforehand to make the appointment, and got pricing for the extra things that wasn't included in the oil change. I have a 2008 STS V8. I was quoted over the phone $74.99 for an oil change and filter with tire rotation (we discussed that it was a Northstar), $32 for an engine air filter, and $43 for a cabin air filter. With all that plus a balance on the tires, the bill would be approx $160. I could live with that.

Sooo, I take the car in at the appointment time. Wait for them to do their thing. They call me to the window and the bill is over $260??? Almost $90 for the oil change because they said the Northstar takes 2 extra quarts. Well, duh, why wasn't that said on the front end?? (however with me bitching they lower that to the agreed upon price) and freakin $67 for the cabin filter. The service manager said the Northstar equipped cars have a more expensive cabin filter than the V6 cars, hence the $34 difference??? I made them take that filter out and put my old one back in. We were back down around what I was quoted for all of it, but only got part of the service we discussed (I didn't even question the engine air filter price which was more than I was quoted because all of this was just making me tired). I don't think there is any difference in the cabin filter between the Northstar cars and the V6 cars. If there is someone let me know, so I know what to ask for at AutoZone. I think they should have honored the prices quoted rather than give me the runaround. The service writer (not going to mention names), had to run back to the payment window 3 times as I questioned the bill. I will take the car back there for warranty work because I have no choice, but they will never service it again.