Progressive bought out an old Cadillac dealership a few years back and combined it with their established Dodge dealership. My conclusion is they are a Dodge dealership pretending to be a Cadillac dealership.
On several occasions I had asked a salesman to call me if a certain used car came into inventory. Twice I noticed the car in their ad but no call from the salesman. So twice I have bought a Cadillac somewhere else.

My 2000 STS dash went out. They diagnosed the problem as a need for a new dash module. I was fishing around myself the day before my service appointment and found a fuse blown. It was not the $1,200 dash module but a short in the turnsignal found by an independent tech for $90. In researching the dash module I found a rebuild sourse for $250 but Progressive said not that won't work. I've heard other horror stories about their poor service.

Sadder yet is when I escalated my complaint up to Cadillac I got not response!!!