My opinion:

Bought an 08' from them on the last day of the year. They were pretty good, I mean good in the sense that they were not pushy at all...just the opposite in-fact. Paid $51k wi/nav and rear entertainment, 22" wheels.

Got jerked around a little on the DVD for the Nav, but i dont think it was entirely their faulth...they had to locate my version of the Escalade from another dealership in Massachusettes.

The F&I guy was a little snippty, but not bad. I paid cash, so he only had the extended warranty and wheel insurance to upsell me. i turned them both down, and you would have thought i just murdered babies or something.

Good: laid back, seemed to be honest, service department outstanding.

Bad: i am a professional salesperson (i am a CEO of a well performing there by invoking trust and honesty to customers, shareholders, and employees), and i am sorry, but a a dealership that sells high-end cars and trucks should aspire to look professional and require a suite and tie from everyone that interfaces customers, or at least a suite without a tie. Wearing dirty clothes, unshaven doesnt promote a positive image. The place looked muddy and dated...but, i have to say we are having a lot of snow this season here in the Northeast U.S.
If the management of Hollaway Automotive Group reads this: Consider neating the staff and the grounds up a little.

My overall opinion/impression was pretty good. A lot better than the thieves down the street at Bournival.