I have been in contact with Superior Cadillac of Fayetteville, Arkansas since I move to Arkansas. I gave the salesman (order taker) a large deposit on October 22. I informed him at the time that I would be trading in my VW eurovan as part of the deal. The same vehicle Shawn saw me arrive in at the dealership and the one he walked around and commented on after we struck a deal. I also informed him that this was going to be a cash transaction (no financing). He told me that the offer going was MSRP. I agreed. Since that time I have to physically go to the dealer to get any info on this fabulous car. I posted my first post this week when I had received info upon my auto’s delivery. I had to visit this dealer again because my salesman will not return my calls. On November 6, I gave the salesman a copy of what Carmax offered me for this vehicle because he did not believe me that I had a legitimate offer for this car. I had moved from Atlanta, GA and thus wanted to buy locally. What a mistake!!! On December 11, 2008 after countless calls about what I was to receive on trade-in I was told to bring my van to them. Shawn Lancaster (order taker) had arranged for a wholesaler to see my vehicle. Shawn tells me we are not going to take my van and that if I did not want it any more that I would need to sell it myself.
This wholesaler, who Superior contacted, trashed my vehicle. The pop top was racked, the brake warning lights were now lit up, the interior of the car was filled with smoke, and the engine was now out of tune and running extremely rough when I left the dealership on Thursday. What an abuse of a customer’s auto. I called and asked to speak to Travis Woods the GM for Superior at 9:23 am and again at 3:41 pm today. I now assume that not calling a customer back is the norm at this dealership. Shawn also told me that I would need to bring proof that Cadillac has a $2,000.00 rebate/incentive on this car. I still do not have a final price on what Superior expects to sell this car for. I do have a good idea because of this forum, Edmunds.com and Cars.com. I am now concerned that if I am receiving this level of treatment now, what will I receive in the future.