My first trip to the dealership (having bought my SLS from the Chevy dealer down the road A++ service there).

I went to Kendrick to have the SLS's suspension checked out (Chevy dealer said they didn't have the diagnostics) and to see if Cadillac had a workaround for the $3800 strut replacement on older but still fine cars.

I got the car back DIRTY, and with a bowed out front fender from the mechanic placing the jack under the forward passenger's floor. The body shop pulled and got everything back in order, the interior was still filthy with greasy hand prints on gear lever, seats, and steering wheel. (They sill asked for the $40 diagnostic fee even thought they had the car another day to fix the fender).

I was seriously considering the repair, but seeing that they mashed some sheet metal, I realized it's just a car and I'll do the non OEM repair.

The dealership is VERY dated... shop was clean, not much selection, sales staff didn't know as much about the new models as I did. I was surprised at how dated things are... this is a city with 60,000+ people and the nearest alternative Caddi dealer is 30 miles away... now I know why a friend with an Eldorado used to drive 40 miles for service. As she said they treated her like a Queen in Monticello, IN and I don't think it would take much to make that humble church lady feel that way... she had a near perfect 1985 Eldorado running strong in the early 1990's when I knew her... wish I had bought that car from her estate sale. Some of my favorite motoring memories were blowing the cobwebs out of that Eldo on early spring afternoons along the Wabash River when she was too frail to drive.
Sweet lady sweet car.