Hey folks let me tell you about my most recent interaction with my local dealership (Lloyd Automotive, Panama City Fl). Went in for some issues that are well documented here on the forums.

1. The paint flaking off the buttons on the Navigation/Radio unit.

2. XM radio intermittently dropping signal and thus not being available (Sat receiver TSB on this one).

3. Headlight washer not working as it would come on when asked but wouldn't shut down and drain the fluid and keep running until the pump would burn out (needed a new washer relay)

4. Clutch pedal spring broke in half and needed a new pedal assembly install.

5. Headlight crazing caused by the effects of the sun.

The Sat receiver and Navigation unit replacement/install went very well... they even got XM on the line and activated the new radio and insured that the Navigation DVD was in the unit. Seems to be working properly now but I've only driven it home from the dealership so we'll see if it goes out again.

The clutch pedal install seems to be on the money as well as there are no rattles or other strange noises after the fact so far so good.

Now for the headlight washers, well the relay replacement worked as advertised.

Now finally the crazing of the headlight assemblies, when first taken in to have all these issues looked at the service advisor had the tech resurface the assemblies and put some plastic resin on the assemblies via a brush. Told the service advisor that it really didn't look good but we'll see how it would turn out while I waited for the rest of the parts to come in. Needless to say the applied resin never did turn out that well. It looked like it was put on with a nail polish brush and although they were now grey in color it looked like I painted on the repair myself. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the repair and while repairing the headlight washers the service manager authorized the replacement of both headlight assemblies which are now rocking like the day they came off the showroom floor.

To say that I'm pleased with the level of service and overall satisfaction with the repairs is an understatement. This dealership could have nitpicked with me about the repairs but there was not any of that and they were absolutely up front about what they were doing and why or why not they were doing it. Eric and Chris at Lloyd good on you, I can only hope that other service manager/advisors would give the level of service that you've provided me. Just an outstanding Cadillac service experience.
You and your technicians ROCK!!!