Just wanted to give you folks the full story on Jack McGee in Peterborough Ontario.

I purchased my '03 CTS in November, and it came equipped with a 90 day 5000km GM Optimum warranty. I added an additional 2/24 powertrain warranty.

During the purchase, I had specified that I wanted the 2/24 bumper to bumper coverage, and apparently they decided to ignore this. It also took them over 2 weeks to deliver my vehicle, although I attribute this to a reletively sticky financing issue. I am only 23, after all. I was tolerant, but I did make my disappointment at the delay known with the sales staff in as friendly manner as possible. I am not one to make a scene.

Within two weeks of receiving the car, I had this horrible burning smell in the passenger compartment. I took the car into the dealership, and they tightened the valve cover screws. They made no mention of the condition of the valve cover gaskets, although the problem has seemed to disappear... For now.

About 4 weeks after delivery, the drivers side speaker blew, and I didn't see it as pertinent, so I decided that I would replace it on my own.

About 8 weeks after delivery, the CD Changer jammed. Once again, I could fix it myself, so I wasn't too concerned and didn't bother bringing it to the dealers attention.

Now, here we are in February, less than 90 days old, although 5126 km have been put on the vehicle, and it blows a tie rod. Now, I can state for a fact that the car has never been hit into anything, and I have been babying it. I've never had it over 120km/h. When I purchased the vehicle, part of the deal was that it was supposed to undergo a 150 point inspection, and the entire steering system was on that list. Now, if someone could please explain to me how the tie rod could fail, and be bent on the inner tie rod end, if it passed inspection, and has never hit anything, I would be super appreciative. The worst part about the timing of the failure was that I had just gotten off a highway 60 seconds before it occurred. Had it happened but a moment sooner I would've been severely injured, if not dead.

I think the thing that irks me the most is the absolute lack of regard that I have been shown at the dealership. They are not attempting to correct the problem in any manner, and I am on the hook for a $100 deductible and $60 tow. I mean, it isn't a lot of money, but to me, this still feels like a new(ish) car, and I do not think that I should be being penalized in any manner for the mechanical failure of the vehicle. Am I wrong?

I called Cadillac and filed a complaint, which was instantly escalated, and when I received a call back, I was speaking to some old lady who kept saying General Motors Protection Plan is dealing with it over and over. I told her that they were not dealing with it in a manner that I found satisfactory, and she just continued. She did not listen to any of my concerns, nor did she seem to care in the least.

I love Cadillacs, I think they are beautiful cars. They are, for the most part, well made, and drive like a dream. I really do not want to walk away from the brand on account of the actions of the dealership and some customer relations representative at head office. I'd like to know what any of you would do in my shoes, and how I can contend with this in a reasonable manner that is in my best interests.

Thanks for the responses folks, I appreciate your support.