I love my new Escalade! I do miss my 05 CTS... I purchased my Escalade from McCann Motors, 40 miles from my house instead of the closest (5 miles). Nothing positive to say about my local dealership...I'll spend the extra $$ gas money to drive to McCann. They have always gone above and beyond any expectation I have had. I have been taking my CTS to this dealership for maintenance as well as warranty work for the last 8 months and my service advisor makes me fell like family. He knows who I am when I call or come into the dealership. My last visit with my CTS 3 weeks ago Oscar, my service advisor, loaned me a H3 for 2 days while he did work on my CTS. Needless to say I liked the bigger vehicle and 2 days ago I came home with a white diamond 2007 Escalade! I've always been happy with the service department. However the sales department I had not had any dealings with. A good friend of mine just bought an H2 from this dealership and was more than raving how great their sales department is. So I took his word for it. Sure enough he was right. This dealership contains zero snobs! They have real people who love their jobs. My husband .son and I feel we have been pre-judged walking into other dealership and classified as only "tire kickers" and no one spends time with us. That is were Mccann differs. Absolutely zero pressure! But most importantly, they know when exactly to "ask for the sale." Everyone at this dealership from the receptionist, lot attendant, salesperson, finance manager, sales manager, to the woman who works in the deli are what make this dealership great. Across the board every single one of them was extremely professional, approachable, and friendly.
Thank you, Mr. McCann for instilling these outstanding values within your entire dealership! I wish other dealerships could send their employees to McCann for training on how it should be done.