Hi all I'm new to this forum and to Cadillac ownership. I just bought a 2008 Escalade ESV with 110000kms on the clock.on my test drive I noticed the car had very soft brakes. You had to push harder than you should have to to bring the vehicle to a stop and if you were driving at speed and braked hard the car was slow to respond.

It was a condition of sale the the brakes were addressed. I took the car on Monday but immediate returned as the brakes were the same. They apologized and said they would fix them today. They checked the car and said the breaks all looked fine. I have had it to 2 other garages and they all say everything looks fine withe he discs and pads arc We bled the break lines twice and still no improvement.

I have zero confidence with this vehicle the way it is. I'm 43 and I know what brakes should feel like and this car isn't right.

Can anyone suggest anything else it could be such as the Master cylinder etc. And if so can this be confirmed without first replacing it to see if it fixes the problem???

Need help please. If not fixed tomorrow the car goes back and looking for a refund