I didn’t really want them merged, but to be proper it probably makes sense.. I just figured not many ATS owners would look there, however I knew the GM reps would..

Anyhow thanks everyone for the input, I'm working with GM directly now and I've spoken with them and they're gathering data. I plan to record it happening just to have in case they give me a hard time. Tuesday was the worst. Died on me 3 times, 2 of them were back to back. The first was while slowing down to go around a curved road, going about 20mph, just pushed the clutch in and it died. Had to get it restarted while coasting, and then go. Got to the light a couple of blocks up and it died again.. Nice!.. It does seem more likely when really hot outside.
I did finally get to watch the tach when it stalled. It basically tries to idle at around 500rpm, which is normally around 600rpm. That doesn't work though and it stutters for a split second and dies. Always restarts just fine, just ridiculous to keep happening.

I'll let you know what comes of this.
Thanks for listening and the suggestions.