My 2009 cts seat started smoking while driving alone in the car. Called the fire dept
who told me to tow it to the dealer. Kristal told me the couldn't provide me a loaner
until they determined whose fault the it was.
I called Cadillac customer service who told me they couldn't help me.
After 9 days in service kristal Cadillac told me they found nothing wrong and wouldn't
pay For my loaner.
While driving home from the dealer the car broke down.
I called kristal to tell them and they told me to bring the car in 5 days later. They are
very nasty and totally incompetent.
I towed the car to north bay in great neck who found burnt wiries and a burnt seat
Cooler fan. They also provided a free loaner car. Nice people at north bay.
The sad part is my lease is up in 3 months and I was in negation for a new car with
Kristal when this happened. Never buy fron kristal. Also in June they are going in front of the community to build a new dealership on Flatbush ave. PLEASE VOTE NO. I will be there with pics and stuff in an attempt to stop the approval.