I purchased a 2009 Escalade (canadian vehicle) with just under 80,000km's. I am the second owner of the vehicle and when i took ownership i noticed some cosmetic issues. The front grill is bubbling (the chrome) also the rims are beginning to peel and corrode. I took it to the dealer for warranty repair and they are unwilling to cover all 4 rims the only want to cover 2 of them and the grill they don't want to cover because it has a stone chip in it @ the opposite end of the grill from were it is bubbling. Stone chip has nothing to do with the bubbling concern. I have called the gm customer concern line and they are not helping me much because i just purchased the vehicle and i bought it near the end of it 4 yr/80 000km warranty. I am looking for a contact for someone who can help because i feel this is bs being that i am within the factory warranty. i was told if i was the original owner and spent some money @ the dealer i probable would not have this problem but because i bought it @ the end of its warranty i am getting no satisfaction. I was a service manager @ a ford/licoln dealership and i could tell you ford did nothing but bend over for any lincoln vehicle owner i am very dissapointed with how i am being treated. Please help i need a canadian contact i thought when i was bying cadillac i was buying class.Email is dougmullen87@hotmail.com