Hi everyone!
This is my first post on the forum even though I have been searching on here for a while and have found alot of great information.
I recently purchased a 2003 CTS and I love it. It has 160,000 miles but runs great.
I did get the Carfax on it before I purchased it and see that was originally purchased and lived in Miami FL until 2010. I purchased it in Michigan.
The Carfax shows that it was maintained by a dealer in Florida many times. But all is shows is "vehicle serviced"
I see that there is a few Cadillac dealers on here and I would like to know if anyone would be so kind and run my VIN through the service history to see if my timing belt has ever been replaced along with any other detailed information on service done?
I understand that it will only show warranty work I believe.
My VIN is 1G6DM57N230113766

I thought dealers put a sticker or something on the timing cover with a date when it was changed. I could be wrong.

I appreciate any information you can give me.

Thank You