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I suggest getting away from the kids or the overbearing boss for a little while, asap. Id also suggest more bran in your diet. In the meantime, reread AAIICs post until you realize it was much less snarky then you inferred it was. You talk of assumptions like you didnt make any yourself. He didnt tell you what ZTollon said...evidenced by his used of the word 'guessing', not unlike your use of the phrase 'EDUCATED GUESS'. Its also certainly not condescending to break a post or multiple posts down point by point. I will generally reply to lengthy/multiple posts by breaking points down individually as well. For some of us, its simply how we approach a discussion. AAIIC was sarcastic with one comment but straightforward and accurate and informative with the rest. If you continue to choose to ignore the rest because your feelings were hurt, that is your loss.

Here is snark.

Here is phull of helpss.

I know how to read and don't need diet advice, thanks. I have been fighting follicular lymphoma for over 5 years and have been through 2 4-month chemos during that time. I have very little tolerance for smarmy replies and conversations that I can have with my daughters fellow first grade classmates.

All AAIIC did was write a bunch of smartass "gee your dumb" type comments and ended by reiterating what another member already kindly posted. You are entitled to come to a different conclusion, but that's how I see it. Like I said I was going to take the high road, but as anyone can read for themselves, he obviously wanted a response. As I expected, it went south quick so I should have listened to my own advice. lol

Like I said, in the past on other forums I have had to deal with members who post in that "why can't everyone be a smart and witty as me?" style before and I don't appreciate it. To each their own, but fwiw that was the first time I have ran into that on this forum so I'm not going to let one bad apple ruin anything for me. I have been more than impressed with the maturity level and helpfulness I have found since coming here and am thankful for all the quality and genuinely kind advice I have received thus far. It has made me feel like part of the CTS family and I appreciate it.

I will post back on this thread after I talk to the guys at a power tune shop I found that is within driving distance. Hopefully I get some solid answers concerning our 3.6 set-ups and can pass them along.