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Thread: 2003/4 CTS Base Model Updates?

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    Jan 2003
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    Originally posted by Brett
    Dont forget to throw in the fact that all the people who bought the first year model are rewarded with a lame duck engine.
    that's one fast lame duck for doing 0-60 in low 7~under 7.

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    They will offer a manual with the 3.6L later; my understanding is that it is just not ready yet.

    Cadillac often brings out body/engine updates in steps; look at the 92/93 Seville STS update -- new body in 92, new engine (Northstar) in 93. Worked just fine.
    It is confusing as to why Cadillac chose to 'redesign' the 3L engine to 3.2L just for such short use. The 3.2L will still be available in 04 and perhaps beyond apparently. There is also a 2.6L version available or slated for Europe. And I am glad that the 03 had the boost to 220 hp.
    Certainly with the CTS selling every car they could make it is hard to criticize their strategy!

    Overall, though, I am much more excited about the new 3.6L V6 engine & family than the older engines. 255/260 hp in 04, more to follow.

    The 20K CTS-V is more than 'a V8 in a CTS'. With the numerous changes (suspension, transmission, engine, wheelbase!) I would characterize it as the track version of the CTS. Certainly if Cadillac does go into ALMS with the CTS, this one is the one that is going. People may find that these are too much like the M3 -- not really a great car for off track. Cadillac only plans to sell a few thousand, so these may not depreciate enough to be affordable used either -- start and stay expensive.
    The M3 and M5 only sell 1k or 1,500 each year btw. But they help to sell a lot of BMW's.

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    I'm not sure why you're angry on this issue. First, it's common practice to stagger the release of variations of a model. Inifiniti first came out with the G35 Sedan with only an automatic. Months later they intoduced the G35 Coupe with a more powerful engine not offered in the sedan. Finally, the G35 Sedan will get the six speed.

    When BMW introduces the new 5 series, the new M5 won't come along for several months. And last I checked, an M5 costs $70K where an entry level 525i is in the mid-30s. M3's go for about $50K while 323is start in the late 20's and go up from there. This pricing structure is common in the industry.

    In the case of the CTS, the staggering is part marketing, part technical. The new 3.6L V6 obviously wasn't ready in time for the car's launch, so they substituted the older engine. The 3.6L V6 + 6 speed manual wasn't ready for 2004 either, so the older combo will still be offered for the time being. At least they are offering one at all (knowing full well they won't sell many of them).

    If I had a beef, I'd more complain about Cadillac not having its entire engineering act together when they introduce a product. The real problem is having to wait 6-12 months for what obviously was the intended drivetrain.

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    What? So I have to spend $50,000 to get a manual CTS next year? This is why no one likes GM. Once they have it right, they gotta do something to make it worse. It was like that for the Impala and Caprice too. RWD, 260 hp, tachometer, center console with floor shift, and boom its gone. I dont get it. Give the people what they want GM!!!! Sorry, I cant wait 3 more years for a manual CTS. July 26 is the date we are able to buy and if theres no auto base CTS at the end of the year, well, I'm just not going to trade in a 6 cylinder automatic for another 6 cylinder automatic thats $30,000 more expensive. Oh and did I mention that the 6 cylinder we have now is 4.0 Litre? And its inline! When you buy a Cadillac, you upsize the engine, not down! lol
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    You can get a manual. The '04 CTS will be offering a manual with the current 3.2L engine. And if you're buying in July you might be able to get a good deal on a '03 manual in dealer stock. Yes, the new 3.6L is a great addition, but the 3.2L is a very good engine for the CTS for all but street-drag purposes.

    If I recall, the Impala died because all of the other cars built on that frame (e.g., Fleetwood) were having dismal sales. If GM had kept producing it simply for the Impala, that car would have stopped being the bargain it was.

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