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Thread: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

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    Re: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

    The biggest problem I see with the 300c is the rear look! Taillights look right off a 96 Neon and absolutely no style/class to the shape... Seems like the design team ran out of money or time and just stuck on some of the ugliest lights I have ever seen on a luxury car.. All that style up front and NOTHING in the rear..

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    Re: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

    Quote Originally Posted by Irishtom
    Dreams---I think the previous 300 was a much better looking car than the thing they make now. It's as though the current 300 was deliberately designed to appeal to fellas who have issues with their masculinity and penile envy. Very clever of them though.
    I agree... I would have bought another 300M if they would have kept the basic style with an update instead of the big change they made... They should have increased the engine performance, fixed some of the complaints and updated the looks....

    But then I would never have gone to the CTS... so everything works out....

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    Re: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

    Quote Originally Posted by Smokin' 04 CTS
    Now I got you!! When reading the post I was like this guy is just trying to get under our skin, but now you make sense. Hemi V8 > 3.6L V6 > 4 cyl turbo.
    Yeah the SRT8 seems like a fun car, 440hp is always a great thing.

    Yep, & I really wish GM would provide performance upgrade possibilities for the CTS similar to what MOPAR does for their cars... Take a look at & drill down to the Cruiser (street, products, PT Cruiser).

    I'm waiting for the 05 version, but by simply replacing the PCM (available from user group for about $360), one can boost their Lt Turbo from 180 to 235hp. I've driven one & it's awesome. Biggest problem is getting the tires to hook up under 20/25mph. Of course it's fwd, so it kinda feels like waterskiing. But the little rascal will smoke! Guys on the user group - - talk near 300C quarter miles numbers.

    That said, I prefer the balance of the CTS :basketcas
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    Re: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

    "Yeah the SRT8 seems like a fun car, 440hp is always a great thing."

    At my age (56) the 255 hp of the CTS is enough. My reactions aren't what they used to be and with the 400 hp of the V I'd get in trouble in a hurry.

    My son had a 99 Mustang SVT Cobra and when I jumped on it things just started happening too fast. Up the ramp, glance at traffic, glance at the tach, shift, watch the left, merge, glance at the tach, shift, traffic way up ahead, glance at tach, shift, HOLY COW, BRAKE!!!!

    Yeah, I'm OK with 255 hp. Car runs strong.

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    Re: 3.6L CTS vs 3.5L Chrysler 300

    Drove the 300C and loved the power. But the interior said Intrepid, and the handling said Intrepid sport.

    While it would be nice to bolt on 40hp to the CTS, this engine does some amazing things. Coupled with a suspension that is good for 150mph, I really can't complain. While I may lose light to light, I'm always in the game on the open road.

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