I posted about my sunroof problems and here is what I found. You can glean these bits of info for a piece that might be golden! I know how happy I was to finally have it fixed without having a hefty repair bill!! And, if I would have needed to buy these things, would have cost less than a $10 bill

My sunroof was leaking very badly! I bought the car this way. I put my stock in the ol' steel trap. (Tap on temple). When it would rain it took awhile but you could see water running down the front and rear pillars of the car soaking my interior. (Yeah, I'm working on the musty smell) so I tore the headliner out. That was, meh. It had to be done so I wasn't cursing it but it takes patience! And I mind that is good with getting certain geometric shapes out of other impossible shapes! Pulling the headliner was as simple as removing the ceiling handles, pulling various trim pieces, partially removing the weather stripping around the doors, etc... Just use your head, it's self explanatory. Some knowledge of the little clips auto manufacturers use would be helpful but you learn as you go. The actual getting it out of the car was the worst part. I think I would remove one of the front seats if I had to redo it :/

I found that two of my drains were not even connected to the sunroof track and all four were clogged top and bottom. Before I would pull the headliner I would try to blow the drains clear with an air compressor. If you had some carb cleaner to blow in that might help too... The four drains are located at the four corners of the sunroof track. Without removing the headline you will only be able to access the front two. The front two drains run from the sunroof track through a small plastic tube under the headline and down the front pillars. They exit the vehicle where the front doors bolt onto the car body. If the drains are working and the door is closed you should be able to see water shooting out from the crack between the front door and front fender... You can open the door and watch the water if you can't find exactly where the end of the drain is... I worked for and hour or so on unclogging them. I don't personally own an air compressor so I used my lungs :/ probably not the healthiest choice but it worked. I couldn't produce enough raw psi so I had to find something small to pick at the dirt with... I unhooked both ends and sort of pulled the drain hose half way out of the car for ease but my drains were horridly clogged. After that they drain much better!

When you have the headliner out inspect the 'welds' on the sunroof track. There should be one close to each corner, not necisarily a 45 def in the corner. There is a plastic peice the runs across the front and back of the sunroof track that is riveted onto the main metal track that the sunroof slides on. Where the metal/plastic joint was mine was seeping water because the factory glue was worn out. Some quality caulking over these joints should clear it right up! I wouldn't go cheap, you don't want to have to pull the headliner down again! A silicone for roofs or kitchen/bathroom should be good. Don't skimp! You have a whole tube so apply liberally! Caulk the entire joint! Up either side of the track... I would not attempt caulking the inside of the track. Caulk buildup might block the water from running to a drain and cause the track to overflow.

And viola! My sunroof does not leak... Into the cabin that is. Water still drips into the drain when it's closed but I let the garden hose run on it for awhile and it did eventually overcome the drains but if its raining that hard, your car is probably floating anyway. You can adjust your sunroof (the actual glass part) by opening it to the vent position. There are 'foils' on either side the help hide the sunroof mechanism. These can easily be removed by gently sliding the in or away from the car. Be careful! They tear easily! I only unfastend the top of mine to give me access to the two screws (per side) that hold the glass. They take a torx 25 bit. I've heard some also take a 10mm socket but mine don't. You may not be able to see it but the holes these screws are in are slotted. When loosened you can move the glass in any direction. I would suggest lossening them and setting it at one extreme or the other (all the way back and up or all the way down and forward) then close the sunroof the judge if the glass needs back or forward more in order to seal. You can also adjust the glass up or down the be flush with the roof... Be sure to tighten the screws firmly so the don't work loose like mine was when I started. I'm not sure but I don't think the headliner needs to be taken down to do this.

My headliner has yet to be re-installed. Since its down, and water stained. I'm thinking of recovering it any suggestions? Pix of yours recovered?