Whatsup guys, I've been a lurker for sometime and kind of keep to my own on the forum. This is an appearence question. I have the grey blade grille and the color matched rear plate holder. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the 3M di-noc in white. I've searched and seen people use the grey and what not, but I was wondering if anyone has used the white on a White Diamond car. I love the color matched grille look but I was thinking it would be one of those small changes the set a better look for the car. Normally I am a more "go then show" guy but this would be something rather cheap and simple to do. I had a Camaro come into the dealer the other day with the roof done in this vinyl and it looked and felt good so I know I like the product.

Btw, White Diamond is the fastest color. I work for GM I know these things.

A link to the colors offered (google searched)