Hello to all here.

I have a 2006 cts 2.8 engine 162.00 miles. The other day out of the blue while driving a1258 code comes up and the car go into limp home mode. No over heating seems present at all under hood. No leaks are present. So I decided with its age to replace the water pump-engine coolant temp sensor-thermostat - radiator -and all new dex cool. Also both fans are running. No signs of blown head gasket, No white smoke in the exhaust etc. After all the fix code came back but now car goes into limp home mode then accelerates rapidly and brakes get hard to press to stop the car. My question is can this be a bad ECM/Computer causing this at all? Symptoms are not consistent with normal over heating etc. Any ideas,help,suggestion, or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Nick todaro in Buffalo NY.