Hi. I just got my car back from service where i had the timing chains replaced. the car has 123k mi. Prior to bringing it in, i did not notice anything other than the timing chain chatter. THat is now gone, but in its place is a vibration that i can feel when sitting at a stop light or in park in my driveway. When i say i can feel it, i mean if i put my knee against the door panel, or my hand on the passenger headrest. When i say i can see it, the shroud on top of the motor i can visually see it vibrating. I do not feel anything abnormal while in motion. I took a quick look but i do not see anything wrong. No engine codes, no check engine light. I called the dealer and they said this is normal for high mileage vehicles. THe problem is it was not there prior to the repair. Any advice is appreciated.