Hey everyone. my wife and got her parents' 2003 CTS handed down to us. It's a fabulous car and they kept it in great shape. BUT it's time to replace the CV half shafts/rear axles on both sides. The wife's father is a retired mechanic and will be helping, but i've never done this particular repair myself. I was looking around for a step by step video and haven't found one, though I did find one for a 2003 DTS, which is probably about the same.

Anyone have any tips, trips, a step-by-step video or photos they want to share to help me out? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to try to document the repair as best I can when we do it next weekend and will post whatever I can of it (stopping to take photos and/or quick videos will probably annoy the crap out my father-in-law, but I think he'll understand why I'm doing it).

thanks for any and all help!