Having some issues trying to start car. It cranks but will not fire. I assumed CPS (crankshaft position sensor.) While trying to find the location of the CPS sensor on my 2004 3.6 liter CTS, I jacked up the driver's side, looked around but was unable to find sensor. Gave up, let car down to get ready for a tow truck. Re hooked up the battery, noticed the hose with the small green top was loose... so I tightened it up. Tried the car, cranked a few times, then it fired up. Go figure. It runs, but I notice the fan is running fast, and all the time while the car is running.
But here is the question... the car's display shows "engine Hot-AC off". I ran the OBD2 for code, came up with P0118 (Engine coolant temperature sensor circuit high input)
Could have this been the original reason why the car cranked, but didn't fire?
Or does it have something to do with the line with the small green cap, that I tightened?
Or could I have bumped one of the other billion sensors while looking for the CPS?
Which I never did find, I know its driver's side bottom of engine....but nothin' ??? Am I blind? or is it hidden. I know some of you mentioned heat shield... but everything is wrapped it that heat shield. lol ....help!! please.