I spent an enormous amount of time of various message boards looking for the entry and exit sunroof drains.

I just wanted to share the location with anyone else who may be searching. The sunroof drain holes are located on the four corners of the sunroof. They front two can easily be seen if you open up the sunroof and peek your head through the sunroof. The drains run down the door panel and exit along the side in between the two hinges that connect the door to the panel. The are flush with the body of the door. You will have open the door all of the way to see it. It's a rubber circle that sort of looks like a flimsy rubber drain plug for a sink.

The rear exit drains can be found behind the liner in the trunk. The tubes may be taped to another tube that houses the electrical wiring. At least my was.

I hope this helps anyone still looking.