I have a leak in the roof of my car. I previously noticed water stains on the A-panel and C-panel of my car, but I assumed it couldn't have possibly come from a leaking roof. This past weekend it rained incredibly bad over the weekend and a puddle accumulated in the passenger side of my car. Earlier in the day I have a drip in the rear passenger seat. After looking online I tried some do it yourself fixes.

Front Drains:
-I fished both weed whacker wire and some 1/4" metal rope down the front sunroof drains, on both the sides. Although only one side seemed to be stopped up, they each traveled and an equal distance before being stopped.
-I tried suctioning out the hose using a turkey baster, I couldn't get a good cover over the whole. Nothing came out.
-I removed the wheel well cover looking for the exit drain, hoping to clear it out that way. I could not find it. (Does anyone has a pic?)

Rear Drains:
-I found the exits from behind the trunk lining. I fished both types of wire through to clear it out. I also used the turkey baster to blow both air and water up the hose. I was hoping to see water shoot out of the top, but no luck. All of the water I sent in came back out.

I read that possibly that the hose may have come loose. Does anyone have a link for instructions on removing the panel. Or some other potential fixes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.