Hi Everyone,

I have searched and read forums for days on this and have tried everything. Here is my issue..

Driving home from work my radio goes out then the entire screen goes black then all the gauges on the dash when out, the car is still running and driving fine then I pull up to a stop sign stop and it dies but starts right back up and then all lights and radio come back except I have no gas gauge temp gauge and my t/c is off plus the service theft prevention keeps coming on and off.

Next I get home put it in park shut it off the key won’t turn all the way back and it will now no longer come out of park. So I figured out how to get the key out and it out of park by the release buttons and have drove the car all over and its still running fine.

I have tried disconnecting the battery overnight and also holding the cables together for a minute. I pulled all the fuses under the hood and nothing is blown, my break lights do work but no reverse lights. I tried to jump it thinking maybe my battery was low or going bad I also had it tested and they say it’s good. I took it up to be scanned at auto zone it threw off so many codes he sent me down to muffler man because they have a better scanner and he cleared them and said I have a communications error and the theft prevention problem.

Is there anything else I should try before I take it in and spend a ton of money that I don't have to have the ecm replaced. I just find it odd that it runs fine if the ecm is going out. I was really hoping to just reset it and it would come back and be all good once again but that doesn't look good for me as of now.