I am some issues with my 06 2.8l cts. it only has 43k miles! It's only in first, second and third gear. The car sounds like the transmission is winding under load. i've read a lot about the "normal" transmission noises of these models. The noises i hear almost sound like it is crumbling at times inside. If I accelerate any more than about 2600 rpms it hesitates and seems like it might even be misfiring. If i am in 1st, 2nd or 3rd and run rpms up to about 4k while driving and push in the clutch it sounds like metal is rubbing and clunking. Could the fluid be low somehow?

no check engine lights until this morning when i was going around a traffic circle in 2nd gear the car hesitated, engine light blinked three times and it felt like the trans slipped.

Anyone else experiencing this? I have found that a lot of people replace the drive shaft coupler on their cars. "04 - 07 CTS Drive Shaft (FRONT) Coupler, Guibo, Flex Disc 2.8L MANUAL TRANSMISSION" as sold by creative-steel.com. Has anyone had any similar symptoms? need help! I would take to dealer but I just don't trust them without any feedback from owners.

There are no leaks anywhere on this car, especially around the transmission. I live in MD and am not near the coast so not a lot of corrosion in air around here. Clutch fluid seems dirty at last check when i got to work. It's the color of beef broth, not chicken.

Thanks all!