I've spent weeks looking for specific answers and looking at other posts. I finally broke down and came up with my own post. I really want to fix this on my own...with advice from knowledgeable people.


Last year: Engine ran so smooth I had to check RPM's to make sure my engine was on. Driving on the freeway my car began shaking horribly. Coil #6 went out. Got it changed but engine had a little shake. Mechanic said another coil was going bad but I would be okay for a while. No engine light.

1 to 2 months ago: Engine begins to noticeably shake more. Random misfire codeDSC_0605.JPG.

A couple weeks ago: Car begins to lose power, stutter & sputter, on acceleration and while driving uphill. I get a second reading and coil #5 is misfiring.

Sunday: Changed coil and acceleration problem is not as bad, but still happens sometimes. Engine still shakes and seems to be getting worse.

Wednesday night/today: above video taken.