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Ask Alex with pcmperformance.com
He'll tell you how poorly built the ECMs are for the 3.2L.
Well the ECM isn't the entire engine, and all I'm certain of is my 3.2L with 100k miles is still chugging along like the day she rolled outta the factory. No electrical issues, misfires, engine or tranny issues to speak of, and it's not being driven lightly. I tend to confuse myself with an F1 driver occasionally

And i might take a 3.6 over my 3.2 (for the VVT, extra hp, and wider range of mods) but i just can't complain about the 3.2 at all from my experience. It's been fantastic for me. Good power, great sound, peppy and (so far) quite reliable. I'd take it over a 2.8 for sure.

If anything is to be complained about the 03 it's the stupid plastic trunk bezel and pewter grey dash color that makes finding a nav unit to match the color incredibly difficult.