My wife's CTS now has 110,000 miles on it, but it looks great and runs very well (just consumes a bit of oil, like a lot of the 3.6 L engines on the board here). We didn't plan on getting a new vehicle, but we looked at the SRX on 12/30 (had test driven them before and the wife loves them- it is a very nice SUV) and they had some smoking end of the year deals, so we bought a Performance version of a 2012 SRX that was a demo (5800 miles) in Platinum Ice color (white). We got nearly $9000 off the MSRP, so we did pretty well.

The CTS will remain one of my favorite cars. It was very reliable and the design was great as well. It will be going to my future son in law so it will stay technically in the family. His Nissan Maxima popped its timing belt a few months ago, so my step daughter and her fiancé have been sharing one car (the TB isnt worth fixing on the Maxima as it has some other issues as well).

Anyway, I really appreciate the technical help on the forum here, as it helped me keep our CTS running excellent all these years (7 years).

Be well. I guess I'll be on the SRX forums now.