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OK guys. Check this out. My 03 3.2 auto has 40,000 miles on it now. ( I know, wow) I have beat numerous 3.6 manuals and autos... sometimes. I've found that between the touchy cold-air sensor and the a/c being on or off can make a big difference in acceleration. At 12,000 miles I added a set of 20" chrome wheels and noticed a huge power drop. Over the last 18,000 miles, the car has become much quicker. Read the Popular Mechanics article where the staff says the 3.2 feels "peppier" than the 3.6 in a comparison.
Oh, and do you know why GM decided to drop the Opel-based 3.2 V6 to use a crappy GM 2.8 V6??? The 3.2 becomes faster than the 3.6 over time. I hate to say it, but I think the 3.2 should've cost more than the 3.6 and is worth more now that some miles are under it's belts... so to speak.

Bottom line: Sometimes my 3.2 impresses, and sometimes it dissapoints. It is noticably different every time I start the car.
i REALLY hope that you are not SERIOUS