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I don't take pride in being a prick but all that stuff he mentioned is in the FAQ's as a critical repair/ recall. Then he wants to bash GM/ Cadillac for it, when its his own negligence that caused the issues. It just pisses me off. People like this leave bad reviews but never fix the issues at hand. I have 85k on my car. All recalls have been fine, all critical replacement parts have been installed, catch can, trans cooler etc. I've had no problems.
i gotta say... GM dropped the ball when it came to the rad and tranny cooler lines.
there is no service bulletin or recall notice for them.

these aftermarket "fixes" yes will solve the issues, however they are not gm approved, so if by some chance you have a 07 and under warranty then you do any of these mods they void your warranty for the parts of the car that the mods are affected by.
its like buying a hockey stick cutting it too short then trying to return it because you screwed it up.
they designed the car, they should be liable for all common issues, especially the tranny cooler lines.
now, mine is a 03, generally there is a 10 year statute of limitations on most legal clauses, so im sol either way.