Decided to change the oil in my '04 3.2 / 5-speed at 1200 miles. I like to get the break in oil out in a reasonable time.

Anyway, GM doesn't make it terribly easy for the do it yourselfer.

The non-canister filter turned out to be the easy part. It is located under the car in the same position as the old small block Chevies. I was able to reach from underneath, without jacking up the car, and spin it off by hand. I replaced the paper insert and screwed it back on. Real EASY. There were metal shavings (brass colored) as well as gasket sealer in the element. There wasn't a lot and I suspect it is normal break in stuff. If I see more at the next oil change I will be concerned. I guess this is an advantage of this type of filter system - you can see the element without having to tear apart a canister.

Now the oil drain plug. Can't reach so had to jack the car up and put on jackstands. Now would GM use a 9/6" or 1/2" hex nut for the drain plug? NO. Metric hex head? No. Torx head? YES. It just so happens that I have a set of torx sockets so I found the one the fit closest and put it on my ratchet. Nope, no room for a ratchet and socket because the drain plug is too close to the crossmember. Ended up using a smaller mini-breaker bar and the torx socket.

They make it hard to do things sometimes. FYI, used mobil-1 5w-30.

Happy Motoring.