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Wow Black exterior with red velour! How ostentatious!! (I mean that in the good way) And it had the Digital dash, which was a BIG improvement over the standard guages. Did it have the trip computer too?

It has the Throttle Body Injected 302, 130hp and 240lb/ft of torque. This thing is slower than a 307 Brougham in bad tune, but atleast its Fuel Injected

But personally, I think your Brougham is a better car. It looks better, more proportioned. Ah don't worry, I'm sure you will find another nice Mark series, maybe even a Mark IV or V with a 460!
Yeah it had toe computer too. Oh I definately love my Brougham and wouldn't trade it for that car. I would love to get one in addition though. That car was sexy. And yes, FI is a good thing.