hey I have this exact problem in my 1999 catera, half of the time the abs/tc and check engine lights are all on....and sometimes its just the check engine light........but I have noticed that when all of the lights are on together the speedometer doesnt work either.then when the check engine light is the only one on the speed o works again....I think that what you did is exactly what I want to do.......can you please let me know the address or phone number of htis guy in Idaho so that I can get mine rebuilt? (that is what you did right?) and also could you explain exactly where this thing is under the hood and what it looks like? I do know that you said it was a bi___ to get out but well worth it in saving cash.............so thats fine with me but I have no idea where its at or what it looks like? thanks alot I will be waiting for your reply....Kevin