Alright, I've done these valve cover gaskets twice now and its becoming redundant. I Know if you don't clean the dinosauric looking crank case breather apparatus you'll get oil leaking, but I've done that twice too and the first time it didn't need it. And I cleaned the black breather bridge on top of the plenum w/new O-rings. So now I'm in search of the highly coveted Saab vale covers to put an end to this insanity. I contacted another member that's responded to other members adds who works at or owns a dealership that also had a saab dealership about acquiring a set and he quoted about 120. apiece, well as anyone with half a brain knows that's not happening. And he gave me a #800-saab-137 Gold wing Saab and they quoted 50. apiece and that's not happening either. I'll just pick n pull it here around the dallas/Ft.worth area since there's 4 of them and a humteenth gillions more like them around here. I'm sure I can get them for 10. apiece. Anyway if someone knows the correct year and model for said valve cover it will be greatly appreciated cause I'm thinking what if they have the more modern PCV valve in the cover and if they do can I just block off the old german dinosauric system and reengineer the system in the valve cover ? Of course that's if the Saab's has a PCV in the valve cover. But if Saabs don't have PCV in covers that will be alright, less hassle for me.