Drove 60 miles round trip to the Albany, NY Cadillac dealer and ordered the rear toe-in adjuster links, tie-rods, arms, whatever they're called. Exhausted all the auto-recyclers I could find in the WWW with Catera parts listed but either they didn't have them or they didn't understand what I was talking about. Some tried to convince me that the rear swing/control arms were what I needed. How could I expect different from people more familiar at taking cars apart than putting them back together.

Anyway, even the parts manager at the dealership said flat out that they're a discontinued part and there were none available nationwide. He said this without even checking his database. All he showed me was a page from the service manual to verify we were talking about the same parts. I sent him to double check. Guess what? He found 2 of the suckers in California, $332 for both, with free shipping. They'll arrive in 10 days, slow but at least they're on their way.

Thanks for your patience with my whining and begging but you know how it is. Ownership has its rewards but sometimes it's just a pain in the ass.