Hello All,

I am new here but have found it to be a great asset. I thought I would share my simple fix for the dreaded loose rear view mirror, sorry I didn't get photos but will next time.

The removal of the mirror is straight forward and does not require any tools. The use of any tools could damage the window.

1) Gently rock the mirror left and right while pulling down towards the dash (parallel to the window). Do not pull aft (towards the rear of the car as damage may result)!

2) Once loose, rotate the electrical connector and disconnect by pressing the small tab, your mirror is now free.

3) Gently spread the plastic trim cover that is over the metal mount to separate it from the metal mounting base. This will allow the trim cover to drop down to the mirror itself which will give you a little more access to the tilt adjustment parts that cause the slop.

4) Remove the wire retaining clip that holds the 2 metal pieces together by prying up on the clip. Pry up on the end of the clip that goes around the round post. This will separate the 2 metal pieces that perform the left/right tilt adjustment. Clean out any debris that may be in the keyed hole on the mounting base.

5) Insert two small o-rings into the the base metal casting (about the same size as the hole or a hair larger). If it is a hair larger the excess o-ring will fold up into the keyed slot which is a good thing. Now make a plastic shim to fit into the top of the keyed slot in the metal base. I used white sheet plastic but any thin plastic (ie. Coke bottle or thin clear plastic packaging will work). Cut plastic to the width size of the keyed slot which is about 3/16'' and make it about 1'' long. Insert it into slot trying to get aft end to slide between the o-rings and casting as this will keep it in place. Trim off excess plastic.

6) Reassemble. Hook the split end of the wire clip onto the large casting and push the 2 metal parts back together. You will need a small flat-bladed screwdriver to force the clip back over the round shaft. A third hand could be useful here. It is a little tight but one you get it, it works like new.

7) Snap trim back up over the metal base, go out to the car and reconnect the connector and slide mirror back into the window mount from the bottom up and viola!

Hope this may help someone,

2000 Cat
32,000 miles!