This is one old thread but i'll jump in! My Grandmother had a 98-99 Catera i'm gussing 98 because it had the S on the shifter. Well the problems with the car that i know of are A/C leaks, Something that control's everything went out no power anything and the car would not start and i can't recall anything else. Its a nice looking car if you get the 00-01 models i guess i just like the rear better. But she loved that car to the day she died and honestly i'v said bad things about the car before but its not that bad. I don't know how its doing now since my uncle has it and my family does not talk to him anymore. But he and his wife screwed it all up! Paint cracks, scratch's, dents and was even in a get away lol. But i can say these cars are very good cars just have some problems like any other car!