Some have probably already discovered me in the GTO Tread brakes or the Catera performance. I'm from Germany and drive the allied Omega as I have registered here to hopefully make a couple of friendly contacts, and to get some help with my upcoming renovations.

Currently I am working on the rear of my Omegas. I would like to rebuild on the 00/01 Catera rear, so the tailgate along with lighting and aperture.

My problem is that the relevant parts here cost from € 600, which cost $ 800 upwards. On ebay.com, I alone have discovered the door for $ 80, but unfortunately, something no one sent to Germany or the shipping will cost $ 350-400. So I had considered just one look cuts me to the tailgate in 3 parts. Also have a picture attached. The upper part of the door I do not need, just the back of the light beams. If one divides the part again in the middle but then it fits in a package and you pay just $ 60-100 shipping, right? Unfortunately, no one wants to do. The welding is not a problem. The friend of my sister's body builders and can something perfect.

lying around there anyone among you who perhaps even a complete 00-01 tailgate with all lights have and could help me? If not, then get someone who can and can cut a ship containing accordingly? I would of course make payment via Paypal.

When the tailgate is then painted on the car and lit it continues with the GTO Brakes

I hope you'll be a nice little people, and help me in my distress