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Thread: Ruff idle,cat misfiring,cat dies out-possible mass air flow sensor problem

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    franksnts is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Catera
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    Oct 2010

    Ruff idle,cat misfiring,cat dies out-possible mass air flow sensor problem

    I disconnected my battery,to install some HID bulbs,hooked everything back up,and here is where my nightmare started.I reprogrammed the cat,as your suppose to after disconnecting battery.I went to start her up,and it kicked over fine,but in a few sec. it started to idle real bad,then it would shut off,sort of like it's running out of gas.And when you step on the gas to keep it from shutting off,it would misfire.I was racking my mind,so I threw in the towel and took it to a mechanic.Sure glad I didn't take it to the dealer.$$$$$.The mechanic turned the Cat on new right away what it was.Unplugged the Mass air flow sensor,and wal-ah she started purring like a CatVery simple process that you Cat owners can do yourself.Just unplug the mass air flow sensor and go start your Cat.If your Cat runs fine then you solved the problem.DO NOT operate your car without going and replacing the part.I drove home about 8 miles from the mechanics without the sensor being plugged in.That's because I can replace it myself.So can my 10 year old daughter,its very simple.Its fine to drive wear you need to get to, but replace ASAP.Also you can spray some mass air flow sensor cleaner ,that sometimes will get the sensor to work.Your suppose to spray your MAFS every time you change the air filter,suppose to get more horsepower.Hope that helps someone out their ready to kick the dog.

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    Caddy_4_Life is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1998 Black Catera
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    Jul 2009
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Re: Ruff idle,cat misfiring,cat dies out-possible mass air flow sensor problem

    Sounds like the MAF was installed upside down. I had the same issue once. I took apart my resonator to clean things out, put it all back together, and went to start it.. rough idle, misfire.. and died.

    When I would rev it, it would choke out and die faster. Couldn't figure it out, so I took each piece of the resonator off one at a time and started the car. As long as the MAF wasn't connected to the intake, it ran fine. That's when I figured out that I had put the tube holding the MAF on upside down.

    Just another note. Make sure the sensor is pointed the right way. Otherwise the engine thinks the air is flowing the wrong way and responds accordingly.


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