hey you guys I dont know where it is now but before I had to register I was reading where this guy had the same problem that I have with the abs and tc lights staying on along with the check engine light and he said that he had found a guy in idaho that rebiult the module for 250.00 and even guaranteed it for 5 years........ok my question is (oh and the guy did the work himself) I need to know exactly where this module is,what it looks like and how to take it out and then put it back in? I did read where a couple of guys did it themselves and they did say it took a while because it was hard to get at,I think they said it had 6 screws,but I dont care about that I have lots of time......but if someone could please let me know this info I would be really grateful because I found out that this repair is like 1500.00 to have done and Im not a wrench but I can do some stuff on my own and this looks like something I can do..... thanks alot and I will be waiting for someone to reply...Kevin