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Hello, my helpful friends,

So my daughter's Cadillac is now officially the Fred Sanford car. I even went so far as to tie a length of medium cord around the manual trunk release and run it into the back seat compartment so we can open the trunk without getting half our bodies inside of the trunk behind the rear seat -- which would be impossible to do with luggage or other items in the trunk. I'm tempted to break the antenna and stick a wire hangar in there just to make a point.

HAHAHAHAH!!! I just did the exact same thing to my 2000 when the gas door wouldnt open at the gas station. Trunk also wouldnt open so I had to crawl through the back seat. I just slid the actuator back with my hand on the gas door and removed the electrical plug so it wouldnt lock again. I also tied a ghetto ass rope to the trunk release. ha! Damn car is fallin apart.