Hi Elvin 315,

your knowledge and your input about Cateras is phenomenal. I've got so tired of people asking if they could fit 20inch wheels and "fartcan"mufflers on Cateras, and how much it could be lowered. Buy an Acura or Honda but don't butcher a Catera. It was NOT made for that purpose. If you put all this garbage on it, don't complain if it gives you problems.

I bought my 2000 Sport with 33k miles in 2005 for 6.600.-- from the Mercedes dealer I do a lot of business with in Escondido, CA.

It's an early sport in silver with charcoal (I don't like light color interiors) Recaro manual seats, with sunroof and heated seats.

It has now 125k miles and besides regular maintenance (always Mobil 1 0-40 every 10k miles) it needed two heater control valves, a battery and a crank position sensor. I will change the timing belt and water pump in about 10k miles.

Being in the car business, I buy about 30 cars every month, mainly European luxury cars, but I still enjoy the Catera.

Of course, I removed all the stupid Cadillac emblems including the grill and converted it back to an Opel Omega.

I painted my 17inch stock wheels in a dark grey metallic and use 245-45-17 tires.

It is one the most reliable cars I had over the last 20 years and I am planning on keeping it another 5 years.

Best regards