I have to say this -- I've been meaning to for sometime. Y'all are great!

I love my 2000 Catera. Yes, she's sensitive.And yes, occasionally she has a issue or two, maybe three. But she's a great car.

However, as of late we've nicknamed her Christine! It's not her fault actually. It's the sensors and incompetent mechanics who are the problem. I know - every sensor on this car stinks and needs to be replaced. Come to this forum - read the threads you will know what I say is true. And many - lots of mechanics really don't know anything about Catera's.

Had I followed the advice given here by owners of Catera's I wouldn't be caught up in a lawsuit over a very badly mishandled repair. When you are leaking coolant -- check the Heater Control Valve and the hoses first. Read the threads -- they go bad around 75k - Chrissy has 81k. The HCV valve is very inexpensive and easy to repair. When it goes bad many little bad things happen (hence the name Christine!)

When you tell the mechanic to replace the HCV valve and they insist it's a head gasket problem - make them replace the HCV valve first and give you the old one. It will save you thousands of dollars and many headaches. My mistake - chose the wrong mechanic - didn't insist he follow the advice of those who got it right after shedding much blood sweat and tears. Fix the HCV valve first - than if the head gasket goes bad - so be it - fix it next and move on.

Thank you - each and everyone of you for all the advice and information. I promise from now on I will be sure stand by your advice - and stick with the world's greatest Catera mechanics at Safety Auto in Michigan. I will post more about Chrissy the Catera soon.