Any of you guys ever had to adjust a serp. belt adjustment? there has been a squealing comming from the belt or the belt pulleys. i have tried replacing the tensoner, then the tensoner asse, and still nothing? i took another look, wiggled all the pulleys while the belt was off to make sure they were all on good and tight. seems like the squealing stops after i put the belt back on for about 10mi. when i had the belt off i noticed it was wearing a little more on the flat side on the inside side of the motor. i took another look the other day and the belt is only about 3/4 the way on the w/p pulley?!?!?!?! i try re-setting the belt and re-starting it but it keeps "un-correcting" itself? it also seems like the central pulley (right under the w/p) wobbles a little? Any ideas. Thanks. (car is a 99 sport)