Hello everybody. I've got a 98 cat and I recently had a small oil leak. I changed the rocker cover gaskets and slapped it all together again. When I started her up, she was running rough all of a sudden.

I drove her around the block a bit and noticed that I no longer had a pressure problem - I had more power and everything! After some highway driving (withing the same hour) the power faded and the oil pressure light returned in its full glory. Right after that it teamed up with the check engine light; so I scanned it with my obd2 and it told me "system too lean bank 1."

I researched this code a bit (P0171) and found that it had a lot to do with the (MAF) sensor. So, my question is, first, where is this located under the hood-second-which side of the car contains cylinder #1? Thanks in advance to everyone, blessed. P.S. No more oil leak!