The catera tranny fluid filter is not hard to change. the trannys do have 2 differant pan shapes, so be sure to get the correct one. I think it takes 8 qts of fluid, but not 100% on that. you do not need synthetic fluid in a 2000 but may in a 2001.

drop the pan to drain. replace filter and reinstall. there is the fill plug in the side. you have to fill it untill fluid spils out.. and as I learned here.. car need to be running in park so that the fluid fills everywhere.. otherwise it will not get enough fluid. the car has to be leval, IE on a lift, or evenly lifted on jack stands. you fill the hole till it leaks out, then replug and all done!

be sure you have something to refill with.. its impossible to just pour out of a bottle. they make a suringe ESP for this kinda tranny. Good luck!