Well I haven't been on this forum in a long time, But on my way home from work today I was travelling down I95 south in Burlington, MA and I was in the right lane doing about 70mph and all of a sudden I hear this big BANG, I was like great wtf just happened, So I immediately pulled over and looked at my right front tire just sink to the ground. I was like umm.... What the hell did I just hit?? And then I saw the right rear cover on the side skirt for the frame attachment knocked out of its place.

I had a look underneath the car and I couldn't find any other sign of damage, But luckily my spare was good, Took off the the flat and noticed and good dent in the wheel well area right in between the evap/fuel lines, I was like ooo sh*t am I lucky, Whatever I hit missed the important stuff.

I drive an 01 Sport with 104k on the odometer, I never had any problems with it, I bought it last march and all I every changed was the mass air meter, air filter, and changed the oil every 3-5k miles. The car drives smooth as butter, Tranny shifts awesome, I really enjoy it as a daily driver. But I got some good work coming up for this car sooner than I planned now with this tire.

The work comes as follows,

Timing Belt, Water pump, Rollers, etc.. replacement
Full Tune up, Plugs, Fuel + Air filter, Oil Change,
Valve Cover Gaskets,
Oil Pan Gaskets,
New lifters, mmm the intermittent ticking lol
New oil pump for peace of mind with this mileage
New intake manifold gaskets,
New rear main seal, Yes it's leaking
New front crankshaft seal, Might as well since i'm gonna be in there,
New Cam seals, Of course
4 new shocks, The quiver over bumps,
All new brakes, Cross-Driled, Hawk pads,E-Brake shoes, lol all the goodies,
New lower control arms, The bushings are junk and don't feel like pressing them out and the ball joints are good but might as well change it out as a unit instead of doing it later
Rear diff seals, All three of them,
4 new wheels, 3 are bent and all have very minor curb rash,
4 new tires,

I am an Audi tech so doing this on my own will save me big time in labor $$$, Using rock auto and guestimating the cost of other parts I estimate to spend about $2,500 or less in parts. Then this thing should be good to go for a very long time.

Anywayz thats enough for now, How's every else's day going?