No probs and thanks. I see that for the estate version no springs for the Cadillac are listed? However, if you look at the Saab listings in the 9-3 estate, the front springs are seemingly the same as the saloon BLS but the rear springs are different. You'd probably need the reinforced rear springs? By the way, research the web on prices, I've seen Lesjofors springs 4077816 for sale for as little as £21 each.

Off topic from the springs, but I've just replaced my old EGR for the uprated Pierburg unit, part number 55215031 (previously 55204250). My old EGR wasn't playing up particularly, though I had cleaned it once before, but I'd read so much about the fact Pierburg had revised the EGR, I decided to get one. Purchased from my local Fiat dealer with the genuine Fiat revised restrictor plate gasket (55225287) for £87. Advantages of buying from a main dealer, well the price wasn't much more than buying from elsewhere, plus they had the gasket in stock and I get the advantage of a full one year guarantee. Following is the gasket I'm on about:


When I took off my old EGR it was pretty coked up. I also cleaned the MAF sensor, though it wasn't too dirty. New EGR fitted with gasket. No problems encountered, no engine management lights, car pulls like a train. I'll recondition my old EGR when I can be bothered to keep as a spare.