I have a 6-cd, dvd,cdrom, nav, Bose audio system, that I've removed to reboot, but it wasn't long before the problems listed below reappeared.

#1) Why does the volume randomly escalate and reduce volume? (VERY annoying!). I have to keep my fingers on the steering volume controls so that The speakers don't blow!

#2) Why does the volume knob not work?

#3) There is a cd in the 6-cd changer, but it doesn't recognize it being there? And I cannot eject it?

#4) From what I've researched, "taking it to the dealer" does not 'guarantee' a permanent fix, as there is no 'positive' identification of the actual cause of the problem.

#5) Also, when I joined, I mistyped my username (DeleU instead of DekeU), but I don't see a way to change my info in my profile.?